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Talent Concept

Educating people is the foundation of employing people. According to the characteristics of different categories and different levels of talents, we will continue to improve and innovate the talent training mechanism, establish theoretical training and practice, establish a wide-covering, multi-level and open-ended talent training system, and gradually establish personnel training in line with the group-type enterprise environment. New mode.

Haiyan Xinyue Electric Co., Ltd. always adheres to the "people-oriented" concept of talents, with the core goal of "improving the value of human resources and strengthening the advantages of specialization", and continues to improve the incentive and restraint mechanisms such as performance management, compensation management and quality improvement to form a professionalized The talent structure of management talents, technical talents and marketing talents. Provide a platform for talents to grow, so that talents can become a strong support for the sustainable development of enterprises, and achieve the common growth and common development of enterprises and talents.

People are the only active resources among all kinds of resources. The development of an enterprise must rationally allocate people, money, and things, and the enthusiasm and creativity of mobilizing people is the core of resource allocation. The wisdom of team, strength, and experience is to rationally mobilize human resources and other resources to maximize the scale. .


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